Use the global configuration file to change parameters in Componize.


Change the componize.job.nodes_per_transaction and componize.job.enabled parameters to define the default number of nodes processed for every transaction and enable the scheduled cleanup jobs, respectively. The values of these parameters are used by other job parameters by default. However, every job that makes use of these parameters can be set explicitly and independently.


Defines a default number of nodes processed for every transaction of scheduled jobs. The value of this parameter is used by other cleanup job parameters.


The default value is 100.


Common property to enable or disable all cleanup jobs at once.


The default value is true.



Path to the HTML Help compiler executable, namely hhc.exe.

Note: The HTMLHelp compiler is part of the Microsoft HTMLHelp Workshop available for free from Microsoft MSDN.

When using Wine as a wrapper for the HTMLHelp compiler, the following registry entries are necessary for the HTMLHelp required DLL to be accessed properly. Add these entries to the user.reg file in the Wine configuration folder.