Scheduling the cleanup of log files

Set the frequency and the number of log file nodes to process per transaction by changing the componize.job.cleanup_log_files.* parameters in the file.

The cleanup_log_files parameter refers to a scheduled job that cleans up log files. Log files that are not bound to either an existing source document or an existing result document are deleted in the process.
  1. Open the file.
  2. To change the frequency of log files nodes processing, modify the value of the componize.job.cleanup_log_files.cron parameter.
    componize.job.cleanup_log_files.cron=0 0 5 ? * SUN
    By default, the job runs at 5 AM every Sunday. The involved scheduler is Quartz. The notation used by Quartz allows to specify seconds, day-of-month and year.
  3. To change the number of log file nodes to process per transaction, modify the value of the componize.job.cleanup_log_files.nodes_per_transaction parameter.
    By default, the job processes as many log file nodes per transaction as set in componize.job.nodes_per_transaction. You can either replace ${componize.job.nodes_per_transaction} with a value of your choice or change the value of the componize.job.nodes_per_transaction parameter in the file.
  4. To explicitly enable or disable this job, modify the value of the componize.job.cleanup_log_files.enabled parameter.
    The default value is set by the global componize.job.enabled parameter. The ${componize.job.enabled} value can be replaced by true or false.