Installing Alfresco

Componize for Alfresco is an add-on module to the Alfresco enterprise content management system. Before installing Componize for Alfresco, you will first need to install Alfresco.

Please refer to the Alfresco documentation for instructions on how to install Alfresco.
Note: Please note that the platforms supported by Alfresco are not all supported by Componize for Alfresco.
  1. Download the *.exe appropriate for your system type from the Alfresco Community Edition 201707 GA file list:
  2. Double click the *.exe file.
    1. Select Englishas the installation language.
    2. Select the install type Easy.
    3. Select the installation folder on your local disk.
    4. Choose the admin password.
    5. Click Finish.
      The installation starts. It will take several minutes to complete.
  3. Un-check the options (open Readme File, Start Alfresco Enterprise Share, See Next Steps) and click Finish.
  4. Once the installation wizard has closed:
    1. Use the alfresco manager tool in Start/Programs/Alfresco Enterprise/Alfresco Manager Tool.
      The Alfresco Community window opens - all servers are stopped by default.
    2. Start Tomcat and PostgreSQL servers.
      This deploys the web apps and can take several minutes.
    3. Check a log file has been created at tomcat/logs/catalina-<date>.log.
    4. Make sure there is no error in the log file and the Web applications have started:
      INFO: Server startup in <xxxxxx> ms
    5. Start a Web browser and go to: localhost:8080/share
    6. Login with your admin credentials.