Installing Antenna House Formatter on Componize for Alfresco

The Antenna House AMP provided by Componize can be used with any supported version of Antenna House Formatter.

  1. Install the Antenna House Formatter software by following the installation instructions in the Antenna House Formatter documentation.
  2. Install the componize-alfresco-ah-formatter-2.2.1.amp in your Alfresco WAR file.
  3. The Antenna House lib/XfoJavaCtl.jar JAR file needs to be on your classpath.
    • Either copy the lib/XfoJavaCtl.jar JAR file from your Antenna House installation folder to your $TOMCAT_HOME/shared/lib/ folder.
    • Or, if you are building your WAR file with Maven, include the following dependency:
      Note: The version must correspond to the version of Antenna House you are using.
  4. Define the following Antenna House environment variables so they are available to your running Tomcat instance. The list can be found in the or run.bat file in your Antenna House installation directory.
    export AHF70_64_HOME
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export AHF70_64_LIC_PATH
    export AHF70_64_HYPDIC_PATH
    export AHF70_64_DEFAULT_HTML_CSS
    export AHF70_64_FONT_CONFIGFILE
    #export AHF70_64_BROKENIMG
    Note: Replace <INSTALLDIR> with the path to your Antenna House installation directory.
The Antenna House Formatter is installed on Componize for Alfresco.