Installing Componize for Alfresco licenses

Perform this task to install Componize for Alfresco licenses.

The Componize for Alfresco AMPs must be installed.

The Componize for Alfresco licenses are installed by copying the license files into a specific location and restarting Alfresco.
  1. Copy your *.license files to the shared/classes/componize/license directory.
  2. Start or restart Alfresco.
    The Componize for Alfresco licenses will be installed and renamed with a .installed extension. You should see a message similar to the following in the log file:
    17:28:58,037  INFO  [componize.license.LicenseModule] Componize license granted to customer_name -- 5 concurrent users -- created on Fri May 31 15:12:55 CEST 2013 -- expires on Tue May 30 15:12:55 CEST 2017 -- 18d74728
    Note: Any optional licenses you may have installed will also be displayed in the list.