Conditional processing

Processing such as metadata extraction of link management can be specific to a given set of documents depending on their declared DTD or XSD (or any other XML schema reference).

Out of the box, Componize 1.4 supports two ways to determine the type of a given document: either through the DTD or XSD that the document references.

In fact a given document may declare both a DTD and an XSD or even several XSD grammars. In such a case, any processing that normally applies to one of the grammars or schemas associated with the document will apply to this document.

XML schema references

Both DTD and XSD are handled in a generic way and both are called an XML schema reference. This allows the application to add support for new XML models and grammars, for example to add RELAX NG support.

XML schema reference

XML schema filters

On the other hand, most of the processing facilities in Componize are bound to an XML schema filter.

An XML schema filter can be either a plain XML schema reference or a collection of other filters, hence a collections of XML schema references.

XML schema filter