Property synchronizers

Componize for Alfresco allows you to synchronize several properties in Alfresco so that they all have the same value. Whenever the value of one of the properties is changed, the synchronized properties will automatically be updated with the same value.

For example, by default, the three properties Title (default title property in Alfresco), DITA Title (title for a DITA map or topic) and DITA Main Book Title (title for a DITA bookmap) are all synchronized. If the default Title property is set to "A new title" in Alfresco, then the DITA Title and DITA Main Book Title (if applicable) will also be set to "A new title".

The following properties are synchronized by default in Componize for Alfresco:

Property Label
cm:title Title
dita:title DITA Title
dita:mainbooktitle DITA Main Book Title
Property Label
cm:description Description
dita:shortdesc DITA Short Description
Property Label
cm:author Author
dita:author DITA Author(s)