Generates an XML DIFF output from the inputs of the default port and the target port. It performs a diff on the two documents passed on the source and target ports.

The cpnz:dita-xml-diff step uses the following input ports: The document passed on the source port, augmented with the standard DITA @status attributes to highlight the changes, is produced on the output port.

This step can be used to generated output with change bars to highlight differences between two documents or two versions of a document.


<p:declare-step type="cpnz:dita-xml-diff">
  <p:input port="source" />
  <p:input port="target" required="true" />
  <p:output port="result" />

Creating a DIFF between the default input port and the output port of the load-target step

<!-- ===================================================================== -->
<!-- XML DIFF -->
<!-- ===================================================================== -->

<cpnz:dita-xml-diff name="diff">
  <p:input port="target">
    <p:pipe step="load-target" port="result" />