Defining a new XML schema filter collection

Grouping several DTD and XSD XML schema references to compose a filter.

In the following steps you will be creating and/or configuring Spring beans in a Spring context file. A basic knowledge of Spring and the Spring Framework is required.

  1. Open or create a new Spring context file.
  2. Create a new XML schema filter bean.
    <bean id="" parent="xml.schema.filter.collection.abstract">
      <property name="label" value="DITA Map" />
  3. Add the relevant existing DTD or XSD XML schema references to the XML schema filter collection.
  4. You may also add an XML schema filter into another XML schema filter to compose a hierarchies of XML schema references .
    <bean parent="xml.schema.filter.collection.entry">
      <property name="schema" ref="dita.schemas.bookMap" />
      <property name="registry" ref="" />
You will be able to apply the created XML scheme filter on any processing facility such as metadata or link management. This facility will then apply only to the XML schema references that are part of this XML schema filter .