Installing the DITA Open Toolkit Server

  1. Unzip the on your local disk. It should create a new dita-ot-server directory containing all the files necessary to run the DITA Open Toolkit server.
  2. Update your Alfresco global properties located in tomcat/shared/classes/ to add the DITA Open Toolkit server url
  3. Update the application properties located in dita-ot-server/server/config/ to match your installation folder
  4. Run the bat file to startup the server dita-ot-server/server/run.bat:
    A new window opens with the traces of the DITA Open Toolkit server.
  5. Connect to the Alfresco Share interface.
  6. On a sample ditamap file, select the Run Output Processing action to open the pipeline selection dialog.
  7. Select the PDF output and click Run
    After some time, you will find the generated pdf file under the Recently Processed Document Library filter.