Lab 12 - Create an XProc pipeline with XSLT, copy and parse-hrefs steps

During the lab, you will extend the XProc pipeline document created in the previous lab so that when it is run on a DITA Map, it will include all of the DITA Topics referenced by the Map in the processing.

To complete the lab, you will need the following stylesheets:
  • list-map-images-xhtml.xsl
  • list-map-images-copy.xsl
  1. In the lab folder, make a copy of the XProc pipeline document you created in the previous lab.
  2. Open the pipeline.xpl file in your favorite editor.
  3. Import the parse-hrefs.xpl pipeline library, using the following URN: cpnz:dita:xpl:parse-hrefs.xpl.
    <p:import href="cpnz:dita:xpl:parse-hrefs.xpl" />
  4. After the p:load step, add a dita:parse-hrefs step.
    <dita:parse-hrefs name="parse-hrefs" />
  5. Modify the two XSLT steps to use the list-map-images-xhtml.xsl and list-map-images-copy.xsl stylesheets instead of the topic ones.
  6. Save your changes.
  7. Test your XProc pipeline with the com.componize.samples.lab12.PipelineTest unit test.