Lab 8 - Configure a tag graph writer

During the lab, you will be configuring a tag graph writer to use the ts:tsResponseRoleLabel property to tag your troubleshooting topics automatically.

You will be working in the same lab folder as the previous lab.
  1. Open the context.xml file in your favorite editor.
  2. Create a new Tag Graph Writer bean.
  3. Add the following properties to the Tag Graph Writer bean as required:
    Property Type Mandatory Description
    mappings Map <QName,QName> Required Map defining how predicates should be mapped to Alfresco properties. Use a fully-qualified name with Clark notation as the key of the entry.
    Important: Use the following QName for the Alfresco property: {}taggable
    <bean id="samples.tagGraphWriter.mappings" parent="alfresco.rdf.tagGraphWriter.mappings.abstract">
      <property name="mappings">
          <entry key="{}tsResponseRoleLabel" value="{}taggable" />
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Test your Tag Graph Writer with the com.componize.samples.lab08.TagGraphWriterTest unit test.
  6. Deploy your files to the application server.
  7. Once the application server has started, connect to the Alfresco Share interface.
  8. Open the troubleshooting-sample.dita file in your favorite editor.
  9. Add the following element:
  10. Save your changes.
The sample file should have been tagged with the keyword_1 tag.
Note: Tags are always converted to and stored in lower case.