PipelineDefinition bean attributes

A PipelineDefinition is created using a Spring bean with the following attributes:

Attribute Value Description
id User-defined A unique ID for the bean.
parent pipeline.definition.abstract The parent bean.

PipelineDefinition bean properties

The PipelineDefinition bean takes the following properties:

Property Type Mandatory Description
pipeline URI Required Reference to an XProc pipeline document
sourceXmlSchemaFilter XmlSchemaFilter Required A XmlSchemaFilter for the source document. This will be used to determine if a given source document is valid for (can be processed by) this pipeline.
resultMediaType MediaType Required The MediaType of the result document that will be generated by this pipeline. E.g. text/xml, application/pdf...
options Map <QName,String> Optional The default options with default values for the pipeline. These options will be passed directly to the XProc pipeline. Use a fully-qualified name with Clark notation as the key of the entry.
catalogs Collection <URI> Optional A collection of catalogs.

PipelineDefinition bean example

<bean id="pipeline.dita.map2xhtml.troubleshooting" parent="pipeline.definition.abstract">
  <property name="pipeline" value="cpnz:dita:xpl:map2xhtml.xpl" />
  <property name="sourceXmlSchemaFilter" ref="dita.schemas.map" />
  <property name="resultMediaType" ref="xhtml.mediaType" />
  <property name="catalogs">


To debug your PipelineDefinition, add the following entry to your log4j.properties file: